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General Statement
Twenty years ago I was given an old Revueflex SLR camera and a roll of black and white film. The resulting experience was life changing for me.  Since then I still get excited by what I see through the lens and the transformation that takes place as I recreate that moment in my dark room or studio. It is as if I were revisiting an old friend.

My primary focus has been on social documentary photography using film and dark room processes. I am very interested in globalization and modernization and their impact on ethnic groups and cultures both in developed and under-developed societies.  I am intrigued by the tension that is created as groups work to retain or lose cultural identities, traditions and icons while embracing modernity.

Recently I have been exploring color and conceptual photography leveraging digital processes. Transformation and change are themes that run through much of the work.

About the Prints

All silver gelatin prints are toned and all digital prints are archival pigment prints.  Represented portfolios are signed and editioned.  Additional information available upon request.

Please go to the contact page to send an email inquiry or to be added to my email list for upcoming exhibits.  Please note that any information provided will not be shared with any third
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