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 Behind the Curtain

I went to the county fair to photograph the rides and booths with the intent of caputuring the quintessential "fair"photo; the twirly ride. Instead, I became intrigue with the behavior associated with the photo booths.  The preparation, the entry, the wait and the reaction.   It was a microcosm of life, a cultural statement about who we are, what we value, how we interact with those around us and who we become when the curtain is drawn.

These photos that were shared allowed me a glimpse into a private world.  Some images were revealed with a vulnerability and quiet reserve that is used when we step back into public view and expose ourselves.   Other images were shared with stories: anniversaries, birthdays or yearly pilgrimages to the booths.  For others, it was just a way to document the moment, with or without a curtain, on their own private stage. 

This project is in its third year, and I am always amazed at the generosity of people who are willing to share these personal moments with me. 

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